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Estudios sobre regionalismo en la Unión Europea

Estudios sobre regionalismo en la Unión Europea

Author[s]: Pariente, Iñaki [et al.]

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This volume is a collection of certain topics on regions in the future evolution of the European Union, in a moment of considerable convulsion in the evolution of the community. The evolution of the European Communities has been characterised by the duality between inside consolidation and integration. Both matters are now quite out of control, one of which has preceded the other in a very short time. This is what has happened in the successive reforms of the community treaties in Maastricht and Amsterdam or Nice. In Maastricht the "Committee of the Regions" was set up, with an impressive potential, by joining in a single organ various entities with different degrees of jurisdiction and importance, from local entities to federated states. The recent Amsterdam treaty even led to think about the possibility of developing this Committee. In this context, the Europe - Basque Country Study Group has once again taken up the idea to deal with this topic, offering now the conclusions reached to the university and to the political and social community, in fact, to the public in general for reflection.




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