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XVI Basque Studies Congress: Bilbao, 2005. Sustainable development - IT. the future

González Zubiri, Leire ; Palacio Laiseka, Nahikari de ; Iruzubieta, Saioa ; Méndez, Itziar ; Sanz Otxoantesano, Paula ; Barragán, Tamara ; Ruiz de Azua, Aitor ; Aguado Muela, Andrea

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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We are aware of the existence of unsustainability problems but we are not doing anything to avoid such problems. We could raise awareness, informing people and educating them more on the matter, as is done in other social matters. We could promote participation, society is characterised by its comfort, individualism and consumism. New regulations and new roles for public administrations could be devised, as they should be the ones to make such norms effective and enforce their fulfilment.
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