Ondare Hezkuntzarako bi zerbituz: ARGITU (Baionako Euskal Erakustokia) eta éduc´ACTIF (Baiona Euskal Herriko Komertzio eta Industria Ganbara)

XII Basque Studies Congress: Vitoria-Gasteiz 1993. Basque Studies in the educational system

Curutcharry, Mano

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Heritage is part of culture and a combination of research and teaching is requested to be able to make it known. In many cases, the heritage is to be an instructor, and that is why it must be put in touch with children and young people to work with them and to inculcate them with a special pedagogy. The Exhibition hall at Bayonne and the Chamber of Commerce work together with the same purpose, with three key issues: to help out Project Action for Education, to sensibilize teachers and documentalists reference to the heritage, and to produce pedagogical documents
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