Natur Zientzietako Oinarrizko Curriculum Diseinua (O.C.B.): Derrigorrezko Bigarren Hezkuntza (D.H.B.) eta Batxilergoa

XII Basque Studies Congress: Vitoria-Gasteiz 1993. Basque Studies in the educational system

Miyar, María Carmen
; González, Elvira
; Gorrotxategi, Clara
; Gil, Agustín
; Azcona, Rafael

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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This paper describes the characteristics of the basic natural sciences syllabus within the Compulsory Secondary Education in the Basque Autonomous Community, first by observing the sociological influences of the environment, and then analysing it and explaining its various parts. It also comments on the application of its contents, and a comparison is made with the syllabuses of other communities. The characteristics of the basic natural sciences syllabus of the Basque Autonomous Community are listed, as well as its contents, which confers it its own personality
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