Isturitz. Cuadernos de Prehistoria-Arqueología

Isturitz. Cuadernos de Prehistoria-Arqueología

Isturitz. Cuadernos de Prehistoria-Arqueología

Author[s]: Gorrotxategi, Xabier [et al.]

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This new issue of Isturitz magazine, which number 10 in the collection, mainly includes the results of the research carried out within the framework of the research grants that are promoted by the Prehistory and Archaeology Section of Eusko Ikaskuntza. This issue includes a complete study on the calcolythic town of Ilso Betaio (Bizkaia), as well as another study dedicated to the dolmen at La Cabaña (Bizkaia). These two studies, of an interdisciplinary character, deals with the topic of archaeobotany, that to be the main theme of another three articles included in this issue. Archaeobotany has become the main theme in this Isturitz no. 10 issue. These articles are on megalithic emplacement at Ataun-Burunda (Gipuzkoa), on the deposits at Arenaza, Kanpanoste Goikoa and Kobaedera (Bizkaia) and on the Lathiyrus sativus in the Basque Country. Finally, we find another three articles dedicated to showing the results of the explorations carried out in Gipuzkoa with the objective of finding Iron Age deposits, on the techniques on typometric modelisation of lythic series and on the conclusions of the I international meeting on Post Palaeolythic diagrammatical/abstract cave art.




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