Investigaciones en la cuenca del río Araia (Álava). El poblamiento al aire libre

Primeros agricultores y ganaderos en el Cantábrico y Alto Ebro = Lehen nekazariak eta abeltzainak Kantauri aldean eta Goialdeko Ebron = Premiers Agriculteurs et eleveurs dans la region Cantabrique et de l

Beorlegi Ereña, Mikel

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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In this piece of work we present the research and study of a great deal of deposit in the open air placed in the N.E. of the province of Alava (Basque Country-Spain). Our aim of investigation is to look for the cultural peculiarity and the identification of the guide lines that motivate the choice of the different emplacements. In the same way we face the subjet of the cultural reltionships between the Bay of Biscay slope and the Ebro basin, chosing to ilustrate that process the contact area of the river Araia basin.
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