Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Author[s]: Aranzubia Asier [et al.]

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225 or. : ir. ; 24 cm. - (Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de cinematografía ; 5)


Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía (Cinematography Notebooks) began, in their previous issue, a new stage from which to approach the study of cinematographic production, in its most ample sense, in the Basque Country. For this reason it was decided to modify what had until then been their traditional monographic line and opt for a more polyhedral position, that collects a wide range of topics and approaches. This change is now fully consolidated in this new issue that is now reaching the readers. Issue number five of Ikusgaiak Cinematography Notebooks opens with the profile of the little-known cinematographic trajectory of the Gipuzkoan director Jaime de Mayora and with the analysis of the films "Arrebato" (Iván Zulueta), "Ander eta Yul" (Ana Díez) and Alas de Mariposa (Juanma Bajo Ulloa). These analyses are then followed by three projects that deal, from a historical perspective, with documentary cinema, the cinematographic policy of the first Basque government and cinematographic performances in Biscay. This issue concludes with another three articles that reflect on the cinematographic representation of movie symbols, of ETA in Basque cinema, and of the transgression of heterosexual conduct.




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