Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Author[s]: Madariaga, Xabier [et al.]

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Ikusgaiak - Cinema Notebooks sets aside its traditional monographic format in its fourth issue. In this occasion the magazine offers the reader an assorted and heterogeneous repertoire of projects that have in common an analysis from various perspectives of different aspects of the cinematographic history of the Basque Country. Thus it offers a wide and polyhedral panoramic overview in which the authors approach problems like the archaeology of image, the first filmings, the cinematographic representation of the bombardment of Gernika or the cinematographic exhibition in the Biskaian municipalities of Portugalete and Barakaldo. Their content is completed with the recovery of cinematographic activity, as a film producer, of the Navarran physician Simón Blasco, and with reflections on two movies by Víctor Erice: El Espíritu de la Colmena (1973) and El Sol del Membrillo (1992), and an analysis of Montxo Armendariz?s work. With this new presentation, Ikusgaiak - Cinema Notebooks, while not wholly renouncing to the publication of monographic issues, aspires to become a reference point for all those who are interested in cinematographic studies on the Basque Country.




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