Fernando Elosu mediku anarkista (Bordale 1875- Baiona 1941)

Vasconia. Cuadernos de Historia-Geografía, 42 [on line]

Arbelbide, Xipri

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BIBLID [1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539 (2018), 42; 51-100]
1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539

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Fernando Elosu, son of an immigrant from Etxalar in Bayonne, Rosa Antonia Elosua and doctor Ernest Lafont, was born in Bordeaux in 1875. Doctor in 1900 in the Aldudes and later in Baiona. Due to his ideal anarchist and therefore alien to the Catholic Church, generated in the Baiona of his time some rejection, however he actively participated in associations in favor of human rights, the popular university. He also manifested himself pacifist at a time when others proclaimed the war for the reconquest of Alsace and Lorraine. He was imprisoned for his pacifist and communist ideas and when he was released , 65 years old, after 8 days he died. In the obituaries of the press of Bayonne they extolled his quality as doctor of the por people. His daughter Suzanne, also a doctor, became the first woman elected to the city council of Baiona.

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