Fechas de radiocarbono y fases de ocupación en los sepulcros megalíticos de Cameros (La Rioja)

Primeros agricultores y ganaderos en el Cantábrico y Alto Ebro = Lehen nekazariak eta abeltzainak Kantauri aldean eta Goialdeko Ebron = Premiers Agriculteurs et eleveurs dans la region Cantabrique et de l

López de Calle, Carlos
; Pérez Arrondo, Carlos L.

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Although it is one of the lastest defined areas, and the density of monuments is rather low, the good conservation of megalithic graves of Los Cameros (La Rioja) has provided an interesting information for the knowledge of the monumental burial phenomenon during the recent Prehistory in the North of the Iberian Peninsula. This brief synthesis tries to release the absolute dates that have been got by now, to explain the archaelogical context from they come, and to provide a sketch about how the use of these burials wre evolving. According with the data, the dolmens of Los Cameros were utilized in two phases. The fist one took place during the Neolitic ; but, as diggs in Collado Palomero I have shown, the monuments could have been built on places that had previously been occupied. The second phase would have a more undefinied chronology and its evidence has only been given by somes graves that were used again. Some of these burials included bell-beakers and other furnishings related with them.
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