Estudio arqueológico y documental del camino viejo Bilbao-Gernika (Ruta Juradera). Nuevos hallazgos y reconstrucción del trazado

Isturitz. Cuadernos de Prehistoria-Arqueología, 11

FERNÁNDEZ, María Jesús
; PRADO, Ana Isabel

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The following work is part of wider research that the authoresses have been carrying out for years on the road to Santiago in Biskaia. Based on a combination of archaeological methods and documental sources, they intend to remap one of the most important roads for the history of Bilbao and its Hinterland: the old road from Bilbao to Gernika, also known as the "Ruta Juradera" (Route ofthe Oath), the coastal road to Santiago or road from Castille (Orduña) to Bermeo.
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