Emigración y misión: El periplo neogranadino del Padre Nicasio Eguíluz (1843-1861)

Vasconia. Cuadernos de Historia-Geografía, 40 [on line]

Ramos Martínez, Jon A.; Hernández, José A.

Publication year:
5-25 p.
ISSN: 1136-6834 eISSN: 2386-5539

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The missional and migratory peripetia of Father Eguíluz serves as common thread to understand the peculiarity of Spanish religious emigration toLatin America. Parallel to economic emigration, and to a less extent than political one, there was this kind of migration by members of the Church, constant till the XX century, and one that had to face political avatars specific to young american republics, deeply imbued of a pronounced illustrated character, clashing most of the time with the ecclesiastical institution, in this case the very special Society of Jesus. Nicasio Eguíluz will experience, due to his membership to the Society of Jesus, ejections, comebacks, unended peripli, sicknesses, etc., but also the solidarity of the other America, the conservative and hispanic one, which will grant him its support, in New Granada as well as in Cuba.

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