El yacimiento arqueológico de la cueva Pico Ramos (Muskiz, Bizkaia)

Primeros agricultores y ganaderos en el Cantábrico y Alto Ebro = Lehen nekazariak eta abeltzainak Kantauri aldean eta Goialdeko Ebron = Premiers Agriculteurs et eleveurs dans la region Cantabrique et de l

Zapata Peña, Lydia

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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The cave of Pico Ramos (Muskiz, Biscay) has got two archaelogically interesting levels. Nivel 4 is a shell midden dated in 5890 + 65 B.P. non calibrated. It has got faunal remains of only wild animals and scarce lithic material with microliths, including two bi-directional backed crescents. Nivel 3 is a burial Chalcolithic deposit where the remains of a least 104 individuals have been recovered. The non calibrated dates of this context are: 4790+110,4210+110 y 4100+110 B.P. Together with the human bones, numerous ornamental elements and artifacts made of flint, bone, ceramics, lignit, molluscs, copper and polished stone have been recovered. The human group that used the cave practised broad subsistence strategies which included hunting-gathering as well as farming.
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