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El cine del País Vasco: de Ama Lur (1968) a Airbag (1997)

El cine del País Vasco: de Ama Lur (1968) a Airbag (1997)

Author[s]: Roldán Larreta, Carlos

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Cinema in the Basque Country: from Ama Lur (1968) to Airbag (1997) is a work of research on the history of cinema in the Basque Country beginning at the premiere of Ama Lur in 1968 and going on up to the interesting proposals by Basque filmmakers in the nineties. The first part of the book follows the intensive discussion generated in connection with the identity of the cinema of the Basque Country. The second part centres on the aspect of the financing of Basque cinema, with a study on the seventies, characteristic for their lack of means and voluntarism, the eighties, with cinema being subsidised by the Basque Government and the nineties, with the activity of the Euskal Media public society. Finally, the third part of the book analyses the films made between 1968 and 1997 in some depth, while making short references to the surrounding social and political framework. In this way, the book outlines an artistic phenomenon that has now become quite important within Basque modern culture.

Resúmenes. Dedicatorias. Introducción. Un concepto indefinible. Las relaciones con el poder. El cine del País Varco. Filmografía. Bibliografía. Bibliographic Section.




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