Destino y tiempo de los túmulos de estructura "atípica": los monumentos A y D de la estación megalítica de la Llaguna de Niévares (Asturias)

Primeros agricultores y ganaderos en el Cantábrico y Alto Ebro = Lehen nekazariak eta abeltzainak Kantauri aldean eta Goialdeko Ebron = Premiers Agriculteurs et eleveurs dans la region Cantabrique et de l

Blas Cortina, Miguel A. de

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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The analyse of two barrows without usual megalithic chambers, dated uncalibrated 14 C at the end of the IV milenium B.C., takes place to the detailed revision of these monuments, often qualified as "atipic" into the context of megalithic cultures in the North of the Iberian Peninsula. The focus of this study is multiple: from the revision of the problems which it involves to a particular funerary use, to the likely social and ritual background of architectures that can correspond as well as the burial of remarkable personalities, as monuments in relation with the foundation of a large funerary space. The supposed atypism is understood as a reflect of the diversity own of a cultural phenomenon if targets and mumerous manifestations.
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