Azpilcueta. Cuadernos de Derecho

Concierto y Convenio Económico: Jornadas de Estudios

Concierto y Convenio Económico: Jornadas de Estudios

Author[s]: Aizega Zubillaga, Joxe Mari [et al.]

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The Economic Covenant and Agreement in force up until now has been regulated by Law 12/1981. This Law had a 20-year enforcement period. It therefore expired on 31st December 2001. Considering that the representatives of the statutory territories and of the State had to begin a process of negotiations in order to renew the current Economic Covenant and Agreement in May 2000, in Eusko Ikaskuntza we considered that was a was particularly timely moment to set up the framework of an analysis and study on the matter. The study had to identify the fundamental aspects of the Covenant, as well as the most controversial problems thereof and, finally, it also had to reflect on its future. The study need not only encompass the Basque Covenant and Agreement but also the Navarran Economic Covenant and Agreement, because in fact the Navarran experience could be of great use for the Basque institutions as could the Basque experience be of use to the Navarran institutions. Many topics have been covered throughout all the sessions that integrated the program of study, reflection and dissemination of the Covenant and Agreement organised by Eusko Ikaskuntza with the support of the statutory institutions. Speakers from the University, from professional practice, from the European and statutory institutions have all taken part in these sessions. They have all analysed and reflected on the evolution of the Covenant, on the problems and obstacles it has had to face and also on the challenges that it will have to face in the near future.

Con la colaboración de las Diputaciones forales de Araba, Bizkaia y Gipuzkoa




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