Bizkaiko museoa eta biblioteka publikoaren egitasmoa porrota edo jokabide paradigmatikoaren hasieran

X Basque Studies Congress: Pamplona 1987. Archives, Libraries and Museums

Agirreazkuenaga Zigorraga, Joseba

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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From the XVIII century onwards, there is a certain interest in culture coinciding with the establishment of museums and societies such as the Royal Basque Society of Friends of the Country. In the XIX century, the Diputation (Provincial Government of Bizkaia decided to create a Museum and a Library, but the project was not carried out for unknown reasons. In 1842, the Painting Museum and the Drawing and Lithography School were established by the liberals, who then controlled the Diputation. In 1848, the budget devoted to the Museum is withdrawn due to financial problems in the Diputation. This also happens at present: culture is always among the last served in budgets and among the first in budget cuts
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