Análisis petrográgico de cerámicas protohistóricas de Guipúzcoa

Isturitz. Cuadernos de Prehistoria-Arqueología, 11

LARREA, Francisco José
; ORTEGA, Luis Ángel
; TARRIÑO, Andoni

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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On this work we present the main results of petrographic study of 45 pottery pieces and several outcrops of clay-mud materials near of archaeological sites from Guipuzkoa. The main conclusions of this study are: (i) The raw materials are be carefully selected, where mud from facies Keuper of Triassic period are mainly chosen as raw materials, coming from proximal areas of archaeological sites. (ii) The manufacture technology is similar for most of sites including a mixture of grind-calcite and mud as raw materials in pottery making.
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