Actuaciones arqueológicas en el municipio de Bilbao, 1989

Cuadernos de Sección. Prehistoria-Arqueología

Martín, Inmaculada
; Zubizarreta, Arantxa

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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In this article we introduce the archaelogical activities carried out by the Equipo de Auxiliares de Arqueologia de Bilbao during 1989.- Excavation and reconstruction of the dolmen of Hirumugarrieta I which is located at the mountain range of Archanda, between Avril and Ganguren mountains (376 m.).- Excavation of the Hirumugarrieta 2 dolmen, few metre away from the former.- Recuperation of a piece of the medieval way which communicated Bilbao with Gernika, located at the east side of the mountain Avril (Artxanda, Bilbao-Sondika).- Surveying the geographical area in which these cultural manifestaations are located.- The group´s service was also required at the XVIIIth century palace of la Bolsa (old part of Bilbao) when it was being remodelated and medieval structures wre noticed. The objects of these work carried out ath the municipality of Bilbao have been:- Obtain and ivestigate new data which broaden our knowledge about the area´s historical and prehistorical past.- Diffuse its archelogical and cultural heritage.
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