Hizkuntza praktikak "online", Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoko ikasle euskaldunen artean

The aim of this article is to investigate the linguistic feature in the comunication on-line communication of young Basque bilingual university students, who live in Navarre and communicate in both languages. We are mainly interested in three points: first of all what code switching (CS) model can be identified; secondly, how the standard / dialectal Basque relationship is reflected in these texts and finally how linguistic adequacy appears.This work s that CS is a sign of personal identification among young people; it is a way, among others, to achieve expressiveness an to underline playful appearance. On the other hand, we observe features of language-adequacy, thus the local features of a dialect can be used by young people from different geographical origins backgrounds, underlining the phenomenon of accommodation.


Whatsapp. Code switching. Linguistic practice. Basque-Spanish. Language-adequacy.