nUMBER 57 · 2012Revista Internacional de los Estudios Vascos. RIEV, 57, 2

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251-522 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
Ahedo Gurrutxaga, Igor... [et. al.]


This issue will be kicking off with a reflection on the concept of Northern or Continental Basque Country [under French jurisdiction] and the City. That will be followed by the musical life and artistic career of the Navarrese soprano Maria Bayo. By way of contrast, the author Eric Dicharry discusses the possibility of analysing the role of humour, improvisation, laughter and absurdity in the work of the artist Esther Ferrer. Then Pedro M. Urquijo will be taking a look at the evolution that has taken place in the criteria adopted since the 16th century to translate the Bible into Basque. Finally, in the paper by Josemari Velez de Mendizabal, we will have the chance to follow the footprints left by the cultural movement that took place at the time of the Basque Revival in Araba (Alava). The news items include the 500th anniversary of the Ordizia Market, the long existence of the Itxaropena printing works spanning 80 years, and the centenary of the trade union ELA.