Vasconia 47: The Basques and Slavery



Vasconia 47: The Basques and Slavery

The new number of Vasconia. Cuadernos de Historia-Geografía, in online edition, is dedicated monographically to the Basque involvement in human trafficking.

Unai Belaustegi is the editor of this new issue whose presentation is signed by the partner and professor of the UPV/EHU Oscar Alvarez Gila together with Martín Rodrigo y Alharilla, from the Pompeu Fabra University, which is followed by five articles.

Jon Ander Ramos and Ana Isabel Ugalde write about the Portuguese Manuel Calvo Aguirre; the company Mat a, Menchacatorre y C a. and the traffic of which is the theme chosen by María del Carmen C zar; Maxime Toutain traces an ethnographic reflection on slavery in the Basque Country based on the figure of Juli n de Zulueta; and Juan A. Inarejos analyzes the fortune of the busturiarra Juan José Amun tegui.

With an epilogue by the historian José Antonio Azpiazu about the Basque perception of slavery in the past and today, the monograph produced with the help of the consolidated research group of the UPV/EHU Biography & Parliament closes.

Vasconia 47 (online)

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