Nuevo canal de podcast



Nuevo canal de podcast

Con motivo del 25 aniversario del inicio de sus programaciones en radio, Eusko Ikaskuntza ha abierto un canal de podcast donde alojar todas sus emisiones.

From the Ivoox platform, from now on we have access to the recordings of the programs animated by Eusko Ikaskuntza since 1998 through ten stations: Radio Pamplona (1997), Herri Irratia-Onda Vasca (1998-2013), Radio Vitoria ( 1998-2013), Gure Irratia Iparralde (1998-1999), Radio France Pays Basque (1999), Onda Cero Navarra (2005-2013), Indautxu Irratia Bizkaia (2004-2005), Euskalerria Irratia Iru ea (2005-2014), Euskadi Irratia (2006-2023) and Radio Euskadi (2006-2023).

The channel contains the first 1,473 audio files of the radio collection, and the last 431 programmes broadcast since 2014.

It is expected that the recordings of the Solasaldiak section will soon be added to this sound archive.

We can now subscribe to the channel to receive the latest content and enjoy other utilities such as downloading audios, sharing them, searching, configuring lists, etc.

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