Euskonews, 25 aniversario



Euskonews, 25 aniversario

The pioneering Basque digital magazine in science, culture and social innovation has been published since 1998, and its 781 issues bring together an important free-access information and documentary collection.

25 years ago, in 1998, Eusko Ikaskuntza-Society of Basque Studies launched Euskonews, the first Basque digital magazine on science, culture and social innovation. Issue number 1 opened with an interview with the artist Jorge Oteiza on his 90th birthday, plus six informative articles on his Gaiak platform along with various visual and documentary content. It got 889 visitors. Twenty-five years later, the pioneering publication has reached 781 numbers and its collection receives thousands of entries daily, both directly and through search engines.

The website contains 3,818 articles, plus 735 interviews and dialogues in text and audiovisual; 2,780 authors have collaborated to date in its different sections. The almost 700 articles in KOSMOpolita constitute a true encyclopedia on the Basque presence in the world, and in the Artisautza section, between 2001 and 2011, the most complete catalog of manual work professionals in the Basque Country was gathered. Galleries of art and photographs from the historical collection of Eusko Ikaskuntza (Atzoko irudiak) have provided the visual counterpoint to the magazine. All in all, Euskonews stands out as the main non-daily Basque publication by volume of information.

Even maintaining its miscellaneous content, since 2019 Euskonews has focused on topics related to the work programs of Eusko Ikaskuntza such as cultural rights and policies, the educational system, Welfare models, territorial balance or Basque identities in the 21st century, among others. It is currently published bimonthly.

One of the essential objectives of Euskonews when it was founded was to place Basque on the Internet. For this reason, the Basque language has a preferential, although not exclusive, presence, with countless articles being published in Spanish and also some in French, English and Portuguese. Likewise, gender parity is sought in collaborating firms.

In these 25 years Euskonews has received various awards and recognitions such as Argia Merezimenduzko Saria in 1999, Buber Saria from the Internet & Euskadi Elkartea Association in 2003, and Artetsu Saria from Arbaso, Association for the Promotion of Traditional Crafts in Euskal Herria, in 2005.

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