Eusko Ikaskuntza, committed to equality

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Eusko Ikaskuntza, committed to equality

The entity advances in its II Plan for Equality between Women and Men, thus maintaining its commitment to a more just and democratic society.

Since 2019 Eusko Ikaskuntza has reaffirmed its commitment to equality between women and men in the different plans developed to date. The second plan is currently being developed, launched in 2023 and valid until 2026.

The II Plan for Equality between Women and Men points in its strategic objectives to both the internal life of the organization and the external projection of Eusko Ikaskuntza, in each case with its corresponding lines of action:

  • Incorporate the gender perspective in all phases of the projects (which means integrating the gender perspective into the entire work process).
  • Increase commitment to equality in the daad a. This affects the external image of Eusko Ikaskuntza, as well as the normalization and systematization of equality in the internal structures and functioning of the Society.
  • Achieve the collective empowerment of women, making their role visible and valuing them whether they belong to Eusko Ikaskuntza or not.

In the five years since the implementation of the first plan, the participation of women in the projects has increased, a dynamic that is in line with the historical tradition of an institution that was a pioneer more than a hundred ago. years in the involvement of Basque women in research.

In the present 2024, the organization of workshops is planned to bring these principles to the study groups based on the guide that has been prepared and with the support of those responsible for each group, advance in the communication of Eusko's commitment. Ikaskuntza with equality and the presence of women in communicative actions.

In view of all this, it can be said that Eusko Ikaskuntza is making firm progress in terms of equality, a basic premise for a more just and democratic society.

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