Cultural Rights: participation and governance policies



Cultural Rights: participation and governance policies

Eusko Ikaskuntza is implementing a new work-programme on the current and future of cultural rights in the Basque Country.

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Cultural rights, as human rights applied to culture, are individual and collective, and are related to concepts such as citizenship, development, and sustainability. As for the Basque Country, a diminished language and culture opens up the challenges of cultural policies.

On the other hand, the constant and profound social and cultural changes (globalization, digitization), the structural instability of the labour market, and the scarce support mechanisms, which increased in the health crisis of Covid-19, have created great uncertainty about the future of many public, private and popular projects.

In that context, Eusko Ikaskuntza believes it is important to encourage discussion of cultural rights in the Basque Country in other countries. To this end, it has embarked on a new programme of work to establish the cultural rights situation here and now as a starting point for designing cultural policies based on appropriate practices. The three basic dimensions of cultural rights shall be concerned: participation, creation and production, and cultural governance.

Organized in two years and three phases, "Cultural rights: participation and governance policies" project shall begin with the theoretical approach and diagnosis of the situation. The second stage will focus on socialization and the third stage will include proposals and good practices.

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