Analyzing the shared values of Navarrese citizens



Analyzing the shared values of Navarrese citizens

The project has entered the second phase of research and after the qualitative analysis it is now immersed in quantitative research.

In 2023, the project began with the objective of managing the sociopolitical problems derived from the management of the two majority languages of Navarra and of finding the values shared by all the citizens of the Foral Community around the promotion of Basque.

In the spring of 2023, a qualitative analysis of emerging or under construction discourses in Navarrese society was carried out. For this purpose, triangular groups were formed, also called socialized groups. For its design, selective quotas were taken into account such as age, gender, origin, knowledge/lack of knowledge of Basque or the regions of Navarra. Each group was made up of four people and nine triangular groups were formed in different areas of Navarra: in the Elizondo-Bortziria area, in the Tafalla area, in Lekunberri, in Tudela, in Tierra Estella and in the Pamplona region. The sessions were digitally recorded and transcribed verbatim. Finally, discourse analysis was applied to the texts generated in the group sessions and the results were collected in a report.

In the first quarter of 2024, the second prospective moment has been addressed. A survey is being carried out on a representative sample of Navarrese society as a whole, in order to quantitatively validate the elements of the opinions and attitudes that have appeared in the qualitative phase and that have to do with the objectives of the research. This questionnaire has included the emerging elements that have emerged in the groups. Methodologically, it has been considered necessary to carry out a proportional and stratified sample by age groups, sex and region in Navarra. Thus, this year 1,200 telephone interviews will be carried out with a confidence level of 95.5% and a margin of sampling error of /- 2.8%. With the data collected, a statistical analysis report will be prepared, contrasted with the independent variables of greatest relevance to the objective of the study.

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