Critical and concious digital humanities: a decalogue for the short future

Revista Internacional de los Estudios Vascos. RIEV, 68, 2

Ipiña Larrañaga, Nagore (1); Atxa Uribe, Vicente (2)

Publication year:
Publication place:
BIBLID [0212-7016; eISSN: 2952-4180 (2023), 68, 2] - Recep.: 2023-10-17; Accep.: 2023-11-14
0212-7016; eISSN: 2952-4180

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This paper explores the emerging field of critical and conscious humanities in digitalized spaces, focusing on the intersection of technology and the humanistic view. As digitalization has become a widespread force shaping our societies, economies, and daily lives and as it advances at a rapid pace, it is crucial to ensure that digitalization remains grounded in human values. This paper examines the theoretical underpinnings and ethical considerations associated with digital humanities. By incorporating diverse perspectives and approaches, this paper sheds light on the potential of critical and conscious humanities to address societal issues, empower marginalized voices, and foster transdisciplinary collaboration. The paper concludes by proposing a decalogue to prioritize human experiences and ethical considerations in technological development and deployment.

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